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We Are In The Vintage Ludwig Drum Business and Cousin, Business is a Boomin'

All Ludwig Drums All The Time - A Ludwig Drummer Drums - Always! 

Ludwig Big Beat Red Mahogany Drum Set - 1981 - Vintage
Ludwig Big Beat Red Mahogany Drum Set - 1981 - Vintage
Ludwig Big Beat Drums
Fender Telecoustic™
Fender Telecoustic™
Fender Telecoustic
DBX goRack™ Performance Processor
DBX goRack™ Performance Processor
DBX goRack™
CAD PRO-7 Drum Microphone Kit (7-Piece)
CAD PRO-7 Drum Microphone Kit (7-Piece)
Leedy Broadway Dual Snare Drum
Leedy Broadway Dual Snare Drum
Leedy Broadway Dual
Ludwig Snare Drum | Mahogany 1959 WFL
Ludwig Snare Drum | Mahogany 1959 WFL
Ludwig Mahogany Snare Drum 1959 WFL
Ludwig Snare Drum | Mod Orange
Ludwig Snare Drum | Mod Orange
Ludwig Mod Orange Snare - Ludwig Classic Maple 6.5x14 Snare Drum
Ludwig Super-Sensitive Snare Drum
Ludwig Super-Sensitive Snare Drum
Ludwig Super-Sensitive Snare Drum

Musicians Garage Sale is a Sound Choice for Vintage Ludwig Drums.

We buy and sell used and vintage drums:  Specializing in Ludwig, including Ludwig Snare Drums, Drum Parts and Hardware.  Also available are vintage drums from Slingerland, Rogers, Sonor, Premier, Pearl, TAMA and Zickos drums.  Most of our vintage drum inventory doesn't make it to the website, so if you are looking for some specific used or vintage drum or cymbal please Contact Us.

Used and vintage cymbals are availble for sale at as well.  Used cymbals from the major brands like Paiste, Sabian and Zildjian.  

We are always buying used and vintage  musical instruments including, complete drum sets, orphan drums, snare drums, drum parts, drum hardware, toms and cymbals.  We buy brand names like Gretsch, Fibes, Ludwig, Leedy, WFL, Paiste, Rogers, Sabian, Sonor, Slingerland, Pearl, Premier, TAMA, Trixon, VOX, Yamaha, Zickos and Zildjian.  In fact, we would be interested in buying any rare and unusual instruments or drum brands.  Just let us know what music gear you have for sale and how to contact you, we'll do the rest. 

There is a large selection of Ludwig drum parts like Ludwig drum strainers, Ludwig drum hoops, Ludwig drum rims, snares, including many 1960s Ludwig drum snare wires, Ludwig throw-off strainers, butt plates, baseball bat & 1970s round mufflers, Ludwig drum stick holder, Ludwig snare drum silver hardware, vintage Ludwig bass drum hoops, T rods and claws, Ludwig drum rims, classic lugs, tom mounts, floor tom legs, bass drum spurs and many more used/vintage Ludwig drums and drum parts.

Do you want to find out how much a 5 piece Ludwig Vistalite drum set is worth? Or determine the value of your Ludwig drum set. Check our link for dating Ludwig drums with drum badges and drum plies over the years. Drummer resources for dating and dermining the age of your vintage drum kit are available here at Musicians Garage Sale.

Or you can just Contact Us and we can give you a ball park figure of how much your Ludwig Drum Set might be worth to a player or collector in today's vintage market. We buy and sell Ludwig drums and other fine quality drum brands, too »» Since 1985!

At you can find Ludwig drums, drum parts, super classic drum sets, including Ludwig drums with Keystone badges or Blue & Olive badges and vintage snare drums including the Acrolite and SupraPhonic. Also, we often have early Leedy snare drums.

Ludwig keystone drums are now made in North Carolina by the Ludwig Drum Company. is The Sound Choice For Used or Vintage Drums and Vintage or Used Musical Instruments!

Please Note - At This Time We Only Ship to the Continental USA*.

Musicians Garage Sale is A Sound Choice For Ludwig Drum Stuff!

Most of the drums, cymbals and other music gear we sell are used. They may exhibit some wear one would expect to see on a used musical instrument or accessory. We disclose any obvious defects or cosmetic issues to the best of our abilities; however, it is impossible to note every nick and scratch on used musical instruments. We welcome all questions, and we are more than happy to send detailed pictures and/or offer hands-on descriptions via email or telephone of any instrument or drum that we sell.

We buy used drums. If you have good used drums for sale, please contact us. We are always interested in buying quality drum sets, single drums, snare drums, hardware, drum parts and used cymbals and other good used musical instruments.

We Buy and Sell Vintage Drums, Used Drum Sets and Good Used Music Gear. Find Ludwig vintage drums, drum parts, drum hardware, cymbal stands, Sonor vintage drums, Slingerland snare drums, vintage WFL, Leedy, Gretsch, and Pearl drums, drum accessories and used or vintage Zildjian, Sabian, & Paiste cymbals.

We Are The Sound Choice for Buying, Selling or Trading Used Drum Sets, Vintage Drums and Other Used Musical Instruments & Vintage Music Gear.

We buy and sell used and vintage acoustic drums from Ludwig, Leedy, Slingerland, Sonor, Pearl, Tama, Gretsch, Yamaha, Zickos and more. You can find Ludwig drums, drum parts, classic drum sets, vintage Vistalite Ludwig drums, 1960s Sonor tear drop lug drums, Slingerland, Ludwig and Gretsch snare drums, and many more used, classic and vintage drums on MGS.  We also have a growing number of used musical instruments.  Check out our growing selection of Fender Guitars For Sale and stop by often to see what's new in our used musical instrument store online.

Ludwig Drums, Slingerland Drums and Sonor Drums are very collectable. These drums and drum sets are bought and sold daily online and in retail music stores around the world. Many famous drummers have used these drums and are still using these drums.

All drums and musical instruments we sell are used** , inspected, cleaned, tested & guaranteed.

Check out our used or vintage Ludwig Drum Parts like: drum mufflers, spurs, hoops, classic lugs, drum rims, bass drum hoops, tension rods, tom mounts and more. We have a lot of Ludwig Drums with keystone and blue and olive badges in stock. Also, vintage Sonor drums available with 1960s style tear drop lugs. We carry many other big brand drum names like: Alesis, Fibes, Gretsch, Leedy, Ludwig, Pearl, Rogers, Tama, Slingerland, Yamaha, WFL and Zickos. Our drum inventory changes everyday and some vintage drums don't make it to the website. So if you don't see the drum you want, contact us or give us a call 903-490-8459, we just might have it.

We Buy and Sell Used and Vntage Ludwig Drums at Musicians Garage Sale
100% Hassle Free Guarantee | Free Shipping in the Continental USA*

Vintage Ludwig Drum image

All of our used and vintage instruments are fully guaranteed and shipping is free*.

As always... Thank You for your interest in!

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All of our vintage drums and used musical instruments are described to the best of our ability. Any imperfections in our drums or instruments that we are aware of are hi-lighted in the pictures. We don't know the life history of all of our used and vintage drum gear. We try to get the history and/or story behind the vintage drums we buy and sell, however, sometimes the instument owners don't even remember.  Buy with confidence, we guarantee every vintage drum and used music instrument we sell. is The Sound Choice For Used or Vintage Drums!

*Please Note - At This Time We Only Ship to the Continental USA.

* Free shipping to the continental USA
**All drums and other musical instruments on Musicians Garage Sale are used unless otherwise noted.  Occasionally we have new over-stock items and these will be noted.